Karen Carr. Vocalist, songwriter and voice instructor.

Karen Carr

The 8 song collection from Karen Carr.
"Karen Carr".

Writen By Karen Carr and Dan Serafini.
Produced By Dan Serafini.
Mixed and mastered by Bob St. John.

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Karen Carr shares her personal thoughts about the project.

Karen Carr. Vocalist, songwriter and voice instructor.

"I’ve spent years overcoming fear and doubt and have finally found the courage to embark on this positive journey and believe in my inner strength. This record is about loss and redemption - where I was before and where I am now. But I also feel there’s hope and optimism in the air about 2021, and that’s inspired me too.

I woke up one morning a couple of years ago, and I felt I had something to say, and it was time for me to start writing. I had recorded voice memo ideas on my phone of songs I never shared with anyone, so I reached out to my longtime friend/producer Dan Serafini and asked him if he wanted to co-write an album together, and that’s where our journey began.

I wanted to have the freedom to be complex, to be silly, to be emotionally raw and honest through music. To be me.

Sometimes we get too close to our songs - we make it personal, which it absolutely is. Still, I find letting go of perfectionism has brought more freedom to express what I feel and the permission to continue moving forward without judgment. After all, that is what music is. It’s freedom with the spectrum of emotions.

When Dan and I first started writing these songs, we didn’t want to place ourselves in a box. We weren’t concerned with what age group would like this music, and we weren’t concerned with defining styles. We wrote from the heart. We felt no matter what walk of life you come from, our hearts are all the same. We all have similar wants and fears that get shaped and made unique within ourselves. It sounds so heavy, but it really is true if you think about it. We are all very much the same deep inside. No boxes. No boundaries. Just us." ~ Karen

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Karen Carr

Karen Carr has been a celebrated vocalist in the greater New England area that spans over 3 decades. With Karen’s professional experience, world-class talent, and passion for music, it has made her one of the most sought after vocalists in the greater New England music industry.

Karen is currently an Assistant Professor in the Voice Department at Boston's Berklee College Of Music.

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